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Love & Profit: 10 Ways to Transform Customers into Lustomers®

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Bringing More

into the world

one customer relationship at a time.

Bryan was great. He had stories from his own life, he wove in stories from our team that he’d worked with them to prepare, he had exercises, he even got a group in front of the room to sing a TV theme song! 

I had several of our account leaders tell me he was the best kickoff speaker we’d had for a sales gathering—especially a critical one, the first time we all got together after the pandemic. The preparation Bryan did just for us really showed, and the team loved engaging with him one-on-one throughout the rest of the day.

Jenn Rosenberry

Edge Realty Partners

Watch Bryan in action.

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I’m a Hippie—I believe in the power of love. I want more harmony and understanding in the world.

And I’m an MBA—a believer in missions, markets, and profit. At companies like HP, McKinsey & Company, and Microsoft I enjoyed success in sales, in managing global partnerships, and in building strong, long-lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships with top executives at top customer companies.

LOVE and PROFIT enhance each other. The Hippie and the MBA become one. When your organization shows the love, it’s only natural that customers return the emotion and become your secret weapon for increasing retention, referrals, and revenue.

Let’s talk about love and profit. We can start the discussion with one of my keynote programs, or work together to build the communications, programs, and culture that makes it all happen.

Let’s show the love.

Higher retention. Better referrals.

Greater revenue. More love.

Do your customers

you enough?

Customers who love your brand, your products, and your people will -

  • Buy more

  • Buy more often

  • Stay with you longer

  • Help you win new business

Does this sound like you, your team, or the audience at your event?

  • Concerned about slipping customer retention

  • Exhausted from transactional relationships

  • Feeling out of sync with key customers

  • Spending too much time “saving” deals

They are your engine for referrals, references, and recommendations.

Loyal customers are 80% more likely to choose your brand again, and twice as likely to recommend you to friends and colleagues.

City View

Work with Bryan

The Hippie with an MBA® makes Sales Kickoffs, Customer Support and Success team meetings, and management gatherings come to life. 


As emcee, keynoter, or featured speaker, Bryan sparks imagination, motivates, and educates to help your team want to show the love, and learn how.


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