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Event Planners

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch!

Whether you’re checking out the Hippie with an MBA® for an upcoming event or you’ve already booked Bryan, here’s everything you’ll need to learn more, promote your event, and get your team excited about Bryan’s program.

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Additional Services

I practice what I preach and go above and beyond to show the ❤️ for every group. Let’s talk about how I can help promote your event, make it special throughout, and make sure the learning continues after the keynote or breakout session is over.

If I’m coming to your event, I’d love to:

Shoot one or more short videos promoting your event to your employees or members

Write a column for your newsletter or website

Guest on your podcast, webinar, or other promotional event

Join VIPs, award winners, sponsors, or special guests for a reception at your event

Share helpful tips and inspiration with your audience 30, 60, and 90 days after the event

What else can I do? Let’s talk!

Bryan’s ability to help others understand their value and develop a strategy to communicating it was amazing.
Bryan got our team energized and excited about applying their newly acquired skills.
Bryan is a delightful business associate—very intelligent and extremely engaging. His passion to drive value in his interactions with others is evident in all he does.
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