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 Make the most of every customer relationship

What do you say to your customers through every interaction? And what are they saying to you? 

Building strong and lasting customer relationships takes engagement, and there are as many ways to engage customers as there are customers.

Align your...

Find and use the right words in the right way
Develop and run engagement and listening programs
Bring the customer’s voice into strategy and planning

...and you will deliver more value to your customers, hear more from them, and inspire them to amplify your message in everything from social media to heartfelt references and referrals.

Transform the way you connect with customers, your teams, and all your key stakeholders.

Customer ClosenessAssessment

Build your plan for more retention, referrals, and revenue!

Find your quickest and easiest improvements to get on the path to more impactful engagement to turn your customers into fans, advocates, and Lustomers® with this top-to-bottom review of the customer-facing experience you deliver today.

Bryan brings all his experience in customer engagement, experience, and communications to your organization, assessing your marketing and sales support communications, listening programs, and more, to find your sweet spot and help you reach it.

Assessments typically run under 60 days, engage and inspire your key leaders and front-line customer-facing professionals, and deliver your roadmap to instant improvement plus long-term strategies to keep getting better.

Fees: $10–20K, dependent on size and other factors

Customer Advisory Board“in a box”

Get impactful input and create lasting relationships with your best customers

Do you get consistent, actionable feedback from your customers? Are you hearing it and using it? Avoid missteps in strategy and execution—create a culture of talking and testing by building and running a Customer Advisor Board (CAB).

Bring your best ideas and the ones still under development to the audience that decides whether those ideas take you to new heights or wither on the vine—your customers. When you show respect by asking for customer input, your relationship deepens and they feel connected to your success.

Ensure success as you plan, populate, and run your CAB. 

Plan and manage your recruiting process for high-value members 

Set guidelines to ensure participation and keep membership fresh over time

Ensure each meeting’s agenda is full, focused, and fun

Identify top advocates to activate the full power of their voice

Fees: $2–8K/month, dependent upon your current program, # annual meetings, and size of group(s)

Event, Trade Show,and Conference planning

 Don’t leave leads, money, and relationships on the table

From appearances and sponsorships at trade shows to planning customer events for your organization, or anything in between, get the most ROI from every dollar and hour you spend.

Events are the hidden gem of relationship building and too many organizations “show up and throw up.” Everyone involved is busy and stressed, but getting home with handfuls of business cards and a heart full of hope isn’t enough payoff for their time, effort, and expense.

Turn your events into true connections with your audience—prospects, customers, and partners—and get measurable results from each one.

Bryan works with you to plan your best opportunities to authentically engage and maximize return:

Engaging activities that build connection and understanding for your audience or booth visitors 

Integrating events into your sales and customer success cycles

Making events worth your leadership’s time—and your customers’

The “event behind the event”—private meetings and minglings to close deals, create connections, and collect input

Creating your own customer, partner, and prospect events—your agenda from content to delivery

Supporting your speakers with speechwriting and presentation coaching

Fees: Let’s talk about your goals and resources.

From a one-time envisioning session to planning your full agenda to get you a full house, we can help.


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